Benefits & Advantages

Rapid Deployment

This makes the system ideal for use as a disaster recovery service covering several locations or to support disaster relief operations where local infrastructure either is limited or has been severely damaged.

It can also be used to support business in remote locations where wide-area communications are unreliable and continuity of

Easily Scalable Capacity

The solutions are designed to be flexible to enable the local hosting of business-specific applications, development facilities as well as connection to central services.

Once positioned at its location the solution can be available within 2 hours independent of the presence of WAN capability and can operate with only minimal support.

Border Sentinel

Border Sentinel Benefits

Reduces and prevents casualties
Protects your borders

  • Eyes and ears from a position of safety
  • Highly resilient information exchange
  • Front to back situational awareness
  • Improved effectiveness at reduced cost
  • Self defending
  • Operationally Deployable vehicle mounted
  • 3% growth in GDP (DoD study)


Deployable Information Management Environment Benefits

  • Improve reaction time from detection to interception
  • Match the diversity of threats’ nature and level
  • Monitor efficiently the borderlines